How to extend your bungalow upwards with a prefabricated timber frame

If you are thinking of renovating your existing bungalow and wondering how to go about this by creating more space, adding value and a more comfortable living area…Vision is here to help!

Vision have supplied and installed a range of timber frame extensions to existing bungalows in the South of the UK. We have a wealth of knowledge with both timber frames and construction as a whole.

Vision have constructed a number of our own developments using our prefabricated timber frame systems. This enables us to offer advice and guidance to our customers whether it be how to pick the right roof tiles to how to choose the best windows and doors for a timber frame build.

The increasingly popular bungalow to house conversions offers homeowners the opportunity to add an additional storey to their existing ground floor as well as extending the ground floor to create perhaps a larger kitchen/dining area. You can see some of the different bungalow to house conversions we’ve undertaken on our Bungalow to House Conversions page.

One of our very first bungalow to house conversions, this chalet bungalow in Highclere was completely transformed, and doubled in size with the assistance of our open panel timber frame systems.

You can see the range of different bungalow upwards extensions we’ve undertaken on our Bungalow Conversions page to get some inspiration!

So this is how other customers of ours have transformed their existing bungalows, but how will you start yours?

Vision always advises that before commencing the design process, see how the foundations are looking underneath your bungalow external walls. We call this a trial hole, and it will help a structural engineer to advise if the footings are suitable to take additional loadings above the ground floor walls. You can dig the hole by hand or with a machine, roughly 1 metre deep should get you down to your existing foundations. If you’re unsure or need more advice, you can just give us a call 01189 712181.

Your existing bungalow roof is removed and the posi metal web joists that Vision manufacture are installed above your existing ground floor walls (whether brick or block) with chipboard flooring then installed on top of these to create your new first floor level.

Vision prefabricates all the timber frame components in our own factory based in Beenham, West Berkshire which we always invite our customers to come and visit.

Installation of the timber frame structure for an upwards extension on a bungalow usually takes between 2-3 weeks.

Once your new roof is in place your chosen roofing company will felt, batten and tile your new roof (usually within days following the timber frame install!) Dependant upon location, we can also offer this service.

Vision’s timber frame structures offer a fast and cost-efficient construction method ensuring your new build structure is in the dry much quicker than alternative building methods

Before you know it, you have added value to your home as well as creating more comfortable living space.

So now you know the basics of the timber frame process for extending upwards onto your bungalow, why not extend your discussions to us directly where we can provide more information on our products and services?

You can call us directly on 01189 712181 or email us at Vision can assist with the design stage right through to manufacture and then install with additional services offered dependant on location. You can read our blog articles with advice and informationfor self-builders.

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Prefabricated timber frame extension by Vision Development BerkshirePrefabricated self build house by Vision Development Berkshire