In addition to working for self builders and other private clients, Vision Development also works for builders and developers to manufacture (and install where required) timber frame solutions for single buildings or multiple building developments.

We are acutely aware that builders and developers will be focused upon time, cost and meeting regulatory requirements.  Here is how Vision Development can help…

  • Our timber frame solutions can be rapidly manufactured and erected.  We offer construction times of between a few days and a couple of weeks depending upon the size of your project.
  • Our timber frame solutions are a very cost effective basis for a high quality building.
  • Using our pre-fabricated timber frame panels allows for lower u values to be achieved as well as addressing thermal bridging and in turn reducing energy bills, which are a unique selling point for marketing new builds (see Benefits of Timber Frame).
  • The timber frames are fully engineered by us saving you some of the costs associated with demonstrating compliance with building regulations.
  • With our fast and accurate pricing service we can help you to prepare a cost budget.

You could have a house of 150 square metres in the dry ready for first fixing in two weeks.  It is not very often that the weather is bad enough to hold us up.

Please contact us on 0118 971 2181 or email us to discuss your requirements.  Alternatively, you can use our contact form to submit your plans and specifications to get a quotation.  Click on the button below to find articles relating to our work for builders and developers.

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