Self Build


What is Self Build?

Self-Build is creating your own home through design, from start to completion by a variety of methods.  Your home will be built tailored to your budget, your requirements and your preferences.  You can self build your own ‘Grand Design’.


Why self-build?

Building a bespoke home gives complete control of your budget therefore maximising value for money.  It gives full control of specification and allows for far more choice.

There is a sense of achievement in knowing that every penny has been spent wisely in producing a home that you are fully satisfied with as opposed to buying a ready made home from a development that may not have the quality you demand.

Also, in effect, you have saved the developers profit for yourself and built it into the quality of your home.


How do I go about self-build?

There are differing ways to go about your project…

  • Instruct an architect, obtain quotations from various trades and manage the construction directly yourself.  A bit of experience is helpful here.
  • Instruct an architect as above and self-project manage but contribute to some of the labour tasks required in conjunction with the individual trades and timber frame supplier.  This method can make savings on the budget.
  • Instruct a design and build company to give fixed price for every element of the build and manage it on your behalf.  This method still allows for your personal input at the design stage, specification and the finishing’s.


How Vision Development Can Help

We are experts in the supply and erection of timber frame houses.  We can either manage a complete design and build project for you once you have confirmed your location, or we can just advise and help you throughout your self build project.  Please contact us by phone on 0118 971 2181, by email or by using our Contact Form to find out what we can do for you.  Click on the button below to find articles about self build.

Self Build Articles

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Design My Own Home

You can download and use the Design My Own Home software to design your self build project. To find out more click on the button on the left or see our blog entry ‘How to Design Your Own Home‘.