Open Panel Timber Frame System

Our Hybrid Open Panel Timber Frame Systems are made up of 140mm x 38mm timber, generally with the internal face of the panel left open for the fitting of plumbing and electrical services, but due to the versatility of our open panel systems you can add a thicker insulation to reach lower U Values and use batten to create your service void.

The open panel system is again like our closed panel system being quick and easy to install providing a weather tight structure within a matter of days, but as it is open faced the insulation is fitted on site to prevent any damage in transport to site.

We have included below diagrams of two of the different options available with our open panel system, please click on the diagrams to enlarge them.

Vision Development offer various options of panel designs individually tailored to meet differing needs and budget, all with ‘U’ values exceeding current building regulations requirements.

Option 1 – Our standard 140mm timber frame with 120mm Celotex insulation with space for first fix service requirements to the internal face of the panel. We supply the vapour control layer for fitting to the internal face after service void works complete.

Option 2 – Again we use our standard 140mm timber frame, but have used 140mm Celotex insulation with the fixing of the vapour control layer, so would require additional battening to provide a service void, but better U Value’s and energy efficiency achieved with this option of open panel.

Vision Development use professional teams, working to Health and Safety regulations, to erect a quality structure in an agreed fixed timescale with little to no site waste.

We are happy to assist with additional services as you require and depending on location we can offer a full build package which includes groundworks, external joinery, roof and external and internal wall finishes.

Vision Development’s Open Panel System satisfies the criteria of all major house warranty providers.


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