Our Hybrid Open Panel Timber Frame Systems are made up of 140mm x 38mm timber, generally with the internal face of the panel left open for the fitting of plumbing and electrical services, but due to the versatility of our open panel systems you can add a thicker insulation to reach lower U Values and use batten to create your service void.

The open panel system is again like our closed panel system being quick and easy to install providing a weather tight structure within a matter of days whilst also allowing for internal finishes to continue whilst external finishes are undertaken, so no ‘drying out’ or ‘curing’ periods.

We have included below diagrams of two of the different options of timber frame panels available with our open panel system, please click on the diagrams to enlarge them.

Vision Development offer various options of timber frame panel designs individually tailored to meet differing needs and budget, all with ‘U’ values exceeding current building regulations requirements.

Option 1 – This diagram is an example of our standard open panel timber frame wall build up. The inside face of the panel in the diagram shows the vapour control layer and battening, but to allow for the first fixes to complete their cabling etc these items are supplied for fitting after first fix.

Option 2 – Using an alternative insulation to the Hybris (see our Insulating Materials page for more information). This option of open panel timber frame wall includes Fibre Wool insulation which achieves the same U Value as Hybris with a brick external render.

With all our timber frame panels, both open, closed and varying material options, the structures are fully engineered prior to manufacture offering our clients a much more accurate and square structure compared to site-built methods.

Vision Development’s Open Panel Systems satisfies the criteria of all major house warranty providers as well as being fully compliant with all building regulations.

Below are images of some of our pre-fabricated open panel timber frames which we have manufactured and installed for our clients.

We are happy to assist with additional services as you require and depending on location we can offer a full build package which includes groundworks, external joinery, roof and external and internal wall finishes.