It is important to understand U Values when designing your new Timber Frame home or extension. They not only determine what level of insulation you require for the panels but the energy efficiency for the whole structure.

Here is a diagram explaining in simple terms how high and low U Values are achieved.

Diagram for Explanation of U Values

So when deciding on how efficient you want your timber frame home or extension to be, look at firstly the type of insulation you want to be installed within the panel, then whether to achieve an even lower U Value, could insulation also be added to the external face of the panels to further reduce cold bridging. The lower your U Value is, the better.

Vision supply closed panel timber frame panels with a rigid insulation of differing dimensions which lends itself well to not only ensuring whilst it is installed within a timber frame panel heat loss is greatly reduced, but also with the addition of a layer on the external face the gaps and joins that occur with any construction, are instantly covered and heat is kept within the home.

On the right are diagrams of two examples of the various options of Timber Frame Panel Vision can offer and their U Values.

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