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Open Web Joists

Excerpt: “Open Web Joists are parallel chord trusses made from strength-graded timber joined together with either timber or metal webs. The resulting joist combines the lightness of timber with the structural qualities of the metal webs or plates, to produce a factory made precision-engineered component that is lightweight, strong and versatile…read more


Roof Trusses

Excerpt: “Trussed rafters are individually designed prefabricated structural components made from strength-graded timber members of the same thickness, joined together with punched metal plate connectors…read more


Thermo Insulating Breather Membrane

Excerpt: “Protect TF200 Thermo is a high performance timber frame membrane with high tear strength, weather resistance and vapour permeability…read more


Insulating Vapour Control Layer

Excerpt: “Protect VC Foil Ultra is a robust highly reflective low emissivity vapour control layer which has been developed to enhance the thermal performance of walls, ceilings and floors…read more


European Flooring Solutions

Excerpt: “Caberboard is an engineered panel product used in several applications throughout the construction and furniture industries. The range consists of some of the UK’s best known brands in both flooring and furniture grade panels….read more