The below calculator is to give self builders the indicative costs of a self build timber frame home. Some of the costs listed below will vary depending on the final specification, please be aware of this when working on your self-build budget. Please enter in the below outlined box the required detail to calculate the indicative cost if you were to self-manage your new build home.

The figures shown below will give a very good indicator of the likely costs for building your timber frame new build – but do remember it’s always possible to further save on these costs, for example, using our competitively priced premium timber frame packages. Also, if you have the time and the necessary skills you could also carry out portions of the works yourself and save even more money on labour costs.

If you have any questions about this calculator then please contact us, call us on 0118 971 2181 or email us.

Cost of Timber Frame Structure (Panels, Stud Walls, Flooring and Roof Trusses)


Grand Total Cost of Self Build Timber Frame House


Full Build Cost For Full Turnkey/Project Managed Timber Frame House


Choosing to self-build your new home using timber frame means a saving of



Total Floor Area (upstairs + downstairs) Square Metres
Square Feet
Total Floor Area (square metres)


Architect, Planning & Surveys
Architect, planning & building regulations
Planning fees
Building Regulations fees
Site survey
Soil survey
Additional surveys required for planning e.g. Environmental
Structural Warranty


Site set up including fencing, WC and storage cabins
Prepare site and remove debris
Excavate foundations and fill trench with concrete
These works are dependent on the soil survey as well as the structural engineers calculations.
Construct brick and blockwork up to damp proof course
Construct concrete insulated oversite and 70mm floor screed
Soakaways for surface water drainage
Metres of Foul Water Drainage (including man holes)
Metres of Surface Water Drainage (including man holes)
Dropped Kerb





Timber Frame Structure
This cost is for our open panel system, with insulation giving a U.Value of 0.16. This cost also includes fitting of the panels.
  • Timber Frame Panels
  • Internal stud partitioning
    These are internal walls with no insulation included. This cost also includes fitting.
  • Posi-joists and flooring
    Posi-joists manufactured in our workshop, no insulation is included. 22mm chipboard flooring or similar is supplied and installed.
  • Roof trusses
    Roof trusses standard per sq mt of sloping area. Trusses and any traditional cut sections will be included within our timber frame supply and fit cost. Cost is dependent on design and how many cut sections required.
Roof Tiles £4,241
Soffit & Fascia £3,910
Roof Dormers
These will usually be included for within the timber frame quotation. Carcassing timber only, no finishes.
Gutters & Drain Pipes £2,569
Outside Wall Covering £20,880
Chimney flu and fireplace £4,000
1st fix carpentry: noggins, door linings, loft hatch & carcassing £1,555
Pipe casings,cupboard carcassing and window boards £1,800
2nd fix carpentry: doors, furniture,skirting, architrave £5,760
Fitted wardrobes with shelves and doors £1,872
Kitchen supply and fix £10,000
Stairs £2,923
Utility room supply and fix £1,500
Plasterboard plus skim plaster £14,943
300mm Glass fibre in roof space £3,380
Ceramic wall tiling Square Metres £1,358
Floor tiling Square Metres £3150
External Doors & Windows (2 entrance, 2 patio & 12 windows) £16,800


Heating, Plumbing & Electricity
Plumbing & Heating
Sanitary ware
Electric fittings
Electricity services connection
Water & sewage connections