The Journey of Self-Building and Purchasing Self-Build Plots

Our guide to Self-Building and Purchasing Self-Build Plots

In the realm of homeownership, there exists a path less travelled, yet brimming with unparalleled satisfaction and creativity: self-building. Picture this – a home that echoes your personality, is tailored precisely to your needs, and sits in a location that ticks all the boxes. Such is the allure of building your own home – a journey that starts with securing the perfect plot of land.
The concept of self-building isn’t merely about constructing a house; it’s a journey of self-discovery and expression. It beckons individuals to move away from mass-produced homes and instead, craft a dwelling that mirrors their dreams and aspirations.

Self Building Timber Frame Projects by Vision Development

These first-time self-builders built their dream home with the speed and efficiency of timber frame supplied and installed by Vision. Read more on this build by clicking the photo to the left.

Vision’s experience in self-build timber frame homes and bespoke developments has given us a deep understanding of the process of finding and purchasing the right plot of land. We have some helpful blogs on our website which you can read by clicking the buttons below.

The foundation of any self-build endeavor lies in finding the perfect plot of land. This process can be both exciting and daunting, but this is where Vision can help. With careful consideration and research, the journey becomes an adventure filled with promise.

1. Define Your Vision: Before delving into the search, it’s essential to have a clear vision of what you desire. Consider factors such as location, size, terrain, orientation, and zoning regulations. This vision will serve as your compass in the quest for the ideal plot.

2. Research: Armed with your vision, embark on thorough research. Explore various neighbourhoods, scrutinise property listings, and familiarise yourself with local regulations and restrictions. Engage with real estate agents specialised in land sales in the area, as they can offer valuable insights and assistance.

3. Visit Potential Sites: Nothing beats experiencing a plot of land first-hand. Schedule visits to potential sites, allowing yourself to immerse in the surroundings, envisioning the possibilities it holds. Pay attention to the landscape, accessibility, views, and neighbouring properties.

4. Assess Viability: Beyond aesthetics, assess the practical aspects of each plot. Consider factors such as soil quality, drainage, utilities availability, and potential environmental challenges. Conduct feasibility studies and consult with professionals to ensure the chosen plot aligns with your goals.

5. Negotiate and Secure: Once you’ve identified the perfect plot, it’s time to negotiate terms and secure the purchase. Work closely with legal advisors to navigate the intricacies of contracts and ensure a smooth transaction.

Vision are more than happy to offer a free appraisal of the plot which you are considering. Our team of experts will provide an honest evaluation and guide you in the right direction. With our support, you can be confident that you’re making the best decisions for your project.

Vision’s portfolio includes a range of beautifully designed and expertly crafted homes that showcase our commitment to quality and attention to detail. You can see some of them below. Click on each photo to read more on these new homes.

Self Building journey - closed panel timber frame by Vision Development, Berkshire

Abbey View in Chapel Row, West Berkshire. Closed panel timber frame with MVHR & Air Source to achieve an EPC rating of A (92 out of 100 score).

Self Build in traditional style in Timber Frame - Vision Development, Berkshire

The Bridles in Woodcote, South Oxfordshire. A more traditional style home using timber frame for both new build and double garage. Similarly to Abbey View, the home achieved an excellent EPC rating of B (85 out of 100 score).

Self Build journey - Eco-friendly Timber Frame - Vision Development, Berkshire

Hocketts House in Whitchurch Hill. Super eco-friendly timber frame home with modern furnishings, solar panels, MVHR and air source heat pump. EPC rating of A+ (97 out of 100 score) for this new home.

In a world often dictated by trends and conventions, self-building stands as a beacon of independence and creativity. It’s a journey that empowers individuals to reclaim control over their living spaces and creating a home that reflects who the homeowners are.

If you are ready to start your self-build journey, reach out to our friendly team to discuss your plot and home requirements and let’s see how we can get your started!

You may also like to see the latest plot that Vision has available, let us be your ‘one stop shop’ for your new home!

Starting a Timber Frame Self Building project with Vision Development
Vision Development - The Timber Frame Self-Building Journey

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