Development of six new homes in Basingstoke, Hampshire

Six new timber frame homes are currently underway in Basingstoke with the first three installed and the next three arriving Wednesday 23rd October 2019.

The first homes are four bedroom detached houses with integral garage on the ground floor. The external finishes will be brick and clay roof tiles with each plot featuring a different coloured front door and garage door to create a varied design than having a much uniformed development of new houses

The ground floor panels were delivered first for all three plots along with the steel which creates the structural supports for both the openings for the garages and open plan living/dining/lounge areas.

The ground floor panels, along with the steels, were lifted for fitting by the erectors with use of a crane which you can see below lifting the first stack of timber frame panels from the delivery lorry into each of the plots.

With all the ground floor timber frame panels assembled, the posi-metal web joists creating the new first floor levels could be fitted prior to the flooring.

The new first floor level also created the new working platform for our erectors to install the first floor internal and external panels.

With the first floor external and internal walls installed, the trusses could begin to be installed to all three plots with the use of a crane for lifting.

With the trusses to the main roof installed, the fire socks to the window and door openings could be fitted prior to the remaining trusses being installed to the rear elevations as seen below.

Here is the rear elevation from the architect’s drawings which you can see in our photo above showing the single storey sloping roof.

The architect’s visuals of how the new homes will look from ‘Street Scene’ show the homes with their finishes above (Front Elevations).

With the next houses about to be installed by our erectors, we will continue to post updated photos of the site and details on the next three houses which comprise of a pair of semi-detached homes and a detached property with separate garages.

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