Timber Frame and Renewable Heating Technologies

Building regulations for new build homes are becoming far stricter with regards to CO2 emissions. Under new rules, new buildings will have to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions to help the UK deliver its net zero target.

Vision’s naturally thermally efficient timber frames are the perfect solution for limiting your new home’s fuel consumption, domestic CO2 emissions and overall running costs.

Timbers low thermal mass will allow your home to heat up much quicker and stay warmer for longer. In warmer months, the timber will not absorb outside heat, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Combined with reflective insulation that is both easy to install and durable, our prefabricated timber panels save on costly labour (all manufactured off-site!) as well as internal living space with their single skin design (which you can clad in brickwork, render, cladding or tiles).

Below is a drawing of the single skin foundation design to suit external timber frame wall with cladding/render.

Single Skin Foundation Design for Timber Frame

Timber frame homes are designed to achieve high performance levels whilst using low levels of energy. Adapting timber into a useable construction material uses much less energy, therefore creating minimal pollution, compared to alternative materials such as steel, concrete and brick.

Hocketts timber frame house in Oxfordshire

Hocketts House – Whitchurch Hill, Berkshire achieved an A+ EPC rating. Using a closed panel timber frame system alongside solar panel and an MVHR system.

Abbey View timber frame house in Berkshire

Abbey View in Chapel Row, Berkshire achieved an EPC rating of A for both energy efficiency and environmental impact (CO2).

Vision are PEFC certified members and therefore only use timber from sustainably sourced, well managed forests. Our suppliers are also PEFC registered which involves a yearly auditing service to ensure adherance to all their strict requirements.

Vision Development's timber frame manufacturing facility

Vision Development’s factory located in Beenham, Berkshire. Treated timbers cut to size which are then hand-made into panel form and insulated with Actis insulation.

Wood as a construction material is Organic and Naturally Renewable

Timber is the most environmentally friendly building material. Responsibly harvested timber from well managed forests, continually replenished and ensuring no damage to environment.

With timber leading the way in energy saving for your new home construction, you’ll also be looking to ways of heating your new home. Many customers choose to heat their new timber frame home using a renewable, low carbon system that is sustainable but also cost saving, like an air source heat pump.

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from outside air and convert it into water which then heats your rooms via underfloor heating as well as hot water through a hot water cylinder.

MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) extract moisture from wet rooms of your home (bathrooms, kitchen) as well as pulling in fresh air from outside which is filtered and distributed via ducting.

Solar panels absorb sunlight using photovoltaic cells which generates direct current energy and then converts it to usable energy with the assistance of inverter technology.

Combining energy efficient timber alongside renewable heating systems will ensure your new home is not only saving energy but saving you money.

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