Timber Frame Construction – Sustainable & Energy Efficient

Using sustainably sourced timber, Vision’s prefabricated panel systems offer an environmentally friendly material for your new build home. Choosing timber frame for your construction project means you are making a positive contribution towards climate change.

Vision source all their structural timbers from PEFC suppliers who undergo scrupulous auditing to ensure all their timber products are acquired from forests that are managed sustainably.

Trees capture and retain carbon dioxide as they grow, removing the damaging gas from the atmosphere. Timber is an organic, naturally renewable building material which for every tree that is harvested, the planting of younger trees which act as much better carbon sinks than mature trees.

Vision’s manufacture process uses far less energy and creates minimal pollution compared to other alternative construction methods, such as steel, concrete, and brick.

For every cubic metre of wood used in your new home, 0.8 tonnes of CO2 is saved from the atmosphere!

We welcome our customers to our workshop to see how we process the timbers and construct the panels which form to create your new home or extension. Why not take a bag of off-cuts for your wood burner before you leave, we ensure all waste timber is recycled.

Timber is also a naturally insulating material, alongside high-performance insulations, offers excellent thermal efficiency and therefore, reduced CO2 use in the day to day running of your home. This also reduces running costs, so a financial benefit.

Vision can offer a tailored timber frame system to suit your architectural designs, meeting all your individual requirements whilst assuring that you are supporting an environmentally friendly method of construction as well as investing in a cost effective, rapid & energy efficient solution for your new build or extension project.

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