Save on Your Energy Bills With a New Timber Frame Home

Many self-builders opt for timber frame for their new homes. This is due to the speed of construction and thermal efficiency of the finished home.

With the ever-increasing energy costs in England, building new homes that incorporate enhanced thermal performance into the walls, floor and roof are imperative to ensure energy bills are lowered. New build homes that are thoroughly insulated, super airtight and benefit from a good ventilation system often require very little (in some instances none) additional heating systems.

This unique closed panel timber frame new build home features solar panels, mechanical heat recovery system and underfloor heating to the ground floor. The benefits of these combined solutions mean the property achieved an EPC rating of 97 out of 100. For more information read our blog article Closed Panel Timber Frame Home in South Oxfordshire.

Vision completed this entire build project in Woodcote, South Oxfordshire and the home has now been sold. Again, the house has underfloor heating to the ground floor and an MVHR system which balances the ventilation of the entire home distributing warmth evenly. Read more in our blog article New Build Timber Frame Home in Woodcote.

This modern new build home in Chapel Row with air source heat pump and MVHR system achieved an EPC Rating of A (92 out of 100). Alongside the super insulated timber frame structure this new home will enjoy comfortable temperatures at a low cost. Read more on the benefits of our closed panel timber frame systems.

To learn more on how using a timber frame structure for your new build will not only save on construction costs, but the running costs for the future of your home then get in touch with us today on 0118 971 2181 or email us at

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