The Benefits of Prefab Timber Frame Kit Homes for Self-Builders

Embarking on a self-building journey is a thrilling prospect, allowing individuals to shape their dream homes from the ground up.

Timber frame prefab homes have revolutionised the way we undertake construction projects and with the use of these innovative homes and their range of benefits, they are quickly becoming a popular choice for self-builders seeking a seamless and efficient self-building experience.

Prefab timber frame kit homes offer a surprising degree of design flexibility. Vision provides a variety of designs that can be used as a ‘starting point’ for self-builders to then develop with their chosen architect to meet their unique preferences including lifestyle and taste as well as budget and plot requirements.

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New Prefab Timber Frame Kits

Vision is pleased to unveil three new prefab timber frame kit home designs which not only promise affordability and speed of construction, but also a canvas for full customisation ensuring each home is individual and a true reflection of its owner’s vision.

Kit 15 – Timber Frame House
Kit 16 – Timber Frame House
Kit 17 – Timber Frame House

Our newest prefab kit house designs offer a perfect balance of modern living and sustainable efficiency. Our homes are designed to provide contemporary living with well-thought-out external finishes that fit seamlessly into any environment.

One of the key features of our prefab timber frame kit homes is their thermally efficient timber frame walls, which help to reduce energy bills for the running of your new home. This means you can enjoy a comfortable living environment while keeping your energy costs down.

Here you can see the new prefab home designs in real life which Vision built for the open market.

If you are looking to commence your self-build project and would like to discuss with us designing a contemporary prefab home that is energy-efficient and incorporates excellent strength and insulating properties, contact us today to learn more about our products and self-build services and take the first step towards your dream home.

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