Earlier in the year the Directors of Vision Development were invited, by Crown Timber (the leading timber distributor in UK), to visit the Sodra wood processing plant and the surrounding forests in Sweden.  Vision Development currently sources all its timber from Sodra (via Crown Timber).

Sodra is an association of more than 50,000 forest owners across Sweden.  It produces timber, wood pulp and biofuel.  As well as being a major timber processor, Sodra is focused upon forestry management and environmental conservation.

The visit was a thoroughly enlightening experience and it was most reassuring to see that there are extensive provisions to protect the forests and the local farmers as well as protecting both the plant life and wild life in those areas.  Sodra works closely with local farmers and forest owners to get the best yield from their land and to ensure conservation.

Sustainability is paramount in Sodra’s operating model.  Three new trees are planted for every tree cut down in order to replenish timber supplies for the future.

Also, there is no waste in Sodra’s timber processing.  Material that is not used for timber is turned into either wood pulp (for paper production) or wood pellets (for biofuel).  In addition, the timber processing is very energy efficient.

As with Sodra, we at Vision Development see sustainability as both a competitive advantage (many of our clients want energy efficient buildings constructed in environmentally friendly and sustainable manner) as well as being a natural part of our business model.  Our business model and practices are based upon what we believe is right for both our customers and the environment in the long term.

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