If you want to increase the size (and value) of your property value a timber frame extension may be the fastest and most cost effective way of doing this.

  • First you need to decide what you want out of an extension, where it will adjoin to the existing property and its size.  You may need to consult an architect or simply give us a call – we are there to help you.
  • You will need to ensure that there is ample space to increase the height and size of your property without contravening planning guidelines in your area.

Benefits of a timber frame house extension

At Vision Development we believe that investing in a timber frame house extension is all about the benefits. This type of extension is usually the most cost effective and you can obtain a mortgage for it in most cases.

Also, having a timber frame extension manufactured and erected by Vision Development brings a number of benefits…

  • Construction time can be greatly reduced compared to traditional methods without sacrificing quality, durability or style (we can obtain external cladding or brickwork to match the outside of your property).
  • The components of the extension are manufactured off-site which reduces weather related delays.
  • The timber used is PEFC certified and is a sustainable resource making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • The timber frame panels are able to achieve exceptional thermal insulation levels and exceed current building regulation standards. These insulation levels ensure that the energy costs of the extension are minimized.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can expect when investing in a of our timber frame house extension. For more information and advice, contact us at Vision Development today.


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