In the past, when providing timber frame information, we have been asked “what is a Spandrel Panel?”

Spandrel Panels are pre-assembled structural panels used as a separating wall or as a external gable roof panel.  They conform to ‘Robust Details’.

Spandrel Panels are used to replace the need for a masonry wall.  The Robust detail certification scheme is for separating walls and floors in new build houses and bungalows.  The spandrel system satisfies sound and fire separating requirements within  the building regulations.  Spandrel Panels are easy to install as part of the timber frame package.

A typical example of a standard spandrel panel make up is two layers of plasterboard with staggered joints either side of a 90mm timber frame.

Here is an drawing of a typical Spandrel Panel.

The Robust Details Certification Scheme is for separating walls and floors in new build joined houses, bungalows and flats.  Such an approved separating wall or floor resists the passage of sound between dwelling units (e.g. flats or terraced houses).

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