Vision Development to Feature on Grand Designs

An exciting new project for 2021 brings Vision Development to your TV screens!

Our clients have designed a magnificent new home which is nestled in the Hampshire countryside which blends harmoniously with its woodland surroundings along with incorporating the ponds that also sit under and around it.

The design is so intriguing and imaginative that it has caught the eye of the Grand Designs team who are filming the whole process from start to finish (so we will keep you posted on when it’s due to be aired!). With the TV crew following every move of the build, they naturally wanted to meet the suppliers providing this extraordinary structure which would create the superstructure for their new home.

The 3D designs below provide an example of how the finished home will look.

As well as providing the clients with a beautiful new home, this zero-carbon property will create studio space for the clients who are both sculptors (, taking inspiration for their art from the wildlife inhabitants of the ponds.

The new timber frame home will be so air-tight, well insulated and energy efficient that it will produce as much renewable energy as it consumes over the course of a year leaving the clients with a net zero energy cost as well as a carbon free home.

The ancient spring with man-modified ponds creates a reliable water flow which will be utilised with the use of a small turbine to support the properties heat pump.

The existing windpump and pumphouse on the grounds of the property will remain and create further intrigue to this already rare initiative that will truly be one of its kind!

Vision have completed a similar design on a previous project with the use of glulam beams (glue laminated) which again was located on the water requiring stilts and accommodation for a boat parking space! Watch our video on the build on our YouTube channel (see below).

With complex projects like our clients zero carbon home, there is a lengthy design process, refining the specification and ensuring the clients are happy all at the same time. This specific design started life as a curved glulam beam roof structure (similarly to the above house) but has now been replaced with structural steel beams to create the curve.

The discussions between Vision, the clients and the architect have all been documented by the Grand Designs team to ensure they follow every step of this exciting self-build process.

September 2020 there was a meeting on site which was also attended by the Grand Designs producer, Karen and cameraman, Ashley who interviewed Vision’s Director, Tim Karpinski to understand Vision’s part in the process as well as the more intricate details of the timber frame construction method and how it would fit with the client’s design.

Below are some photos from our site visit showing the wonderful views the new home will enjoy.

Following our initial site meeting with Karen, it was then discussed that a factory visit would be beneficial to the filming and introducing  Kevin McCloud to Vision who of course would be presenting the show (which has now been on our TV screens for over 20 years!).

With social distancing measures in place (with the help of the Grand Designs H&S team) the filming crew arrived at our factory (see photo on the left below).

Kevin discussed the plans for the self-build home for our clients and the hurdles to overcome in respect of the engineering, choice of materials and how these would all meet with our client’s requirements.

Using our highly experienced structural engineer, Vision was able to design a new superstructure which would now be constructed all from steel creating the curved feature to the main house (see photo on the right below).

There is still a little way to go with the design, but the clients are pressing on with the piling contractors and we hope to have a further update on this exciting project over the coming months.

If you have your own Grand Designs project you would like to speak with us about, please get in touch with us by email or calling 0118 971 2181.

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