Two Storey Rear Extension With Detached Double Garage in Theale

With the use of a two storey open panel timber frame extension to the rear of our client’s property in Theale, they have created additional living space to the ground and first floor of their existing home replacing an existing single storey and adding bifold doors to the ground floor living/dining area and a balcony to the above new master bedroom.

The photos below are of before and after the installation of the new two storey timber frame extension.

The external walls of the new extension were insulated with 105mm Hybris Insulation with a reflective breather membrane to the external face and an insulated multi-layered vapour control to the internal face of the panels.

The external face of the extension is brick which achieve a U-value of 0.16.

Here is a view from inside the extension which you can see the underside of the posi metal web joists creating the new first floor level, as well as the insulation within the external wall panels.

Another internal view of the first floor of the new extension with the new roof formed using loose timbers and traditional cut roof sections.

Here is a better view of the new roof to the extension where you can see where it meets with the existing roof (which was prepared prior to our arrival on site).

As well as the new extension to our client’s home, she also wanted a new detached garage installed for which we also provided the installation of cladding and an external staircase.

The external walls of the garage have been insulated to the same specification as the extensions external wall panels as per the Client’s request, and the whole structure installed in 7 days ready for the roofing contractor to felt and batten whilst cladding is installed to the external walls.

A softwood feather edge cladding was installed and completed with a black stain which you can see have been installed in the below photo. The external treated softwood staircase will shortly be installed.

If you would like to speak to us about your own extension or detached garage structure, please contact us directly on 0118 971 2181 or email your drawings to us at and we will be happy to assist.

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