With all political parties agreeing action is needed to balance supply with demand in respect of the housing market, each have pledged to support house building in their manifestos.

The current governments aim is to build 300,000 net additional homes on average per year on average from 2025 and whilst the number of new build homes are on the rise, the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government do not currently have the mechanisms in place to achieve the 300,000 target.

With the house building market having such a significant impact on economic growth in the UK and consistently being at the top of issues being faced by Britain, the target to build more new homes mustn’t drop off the radar.

Scotland is currently leading the way with 83% of new build homes using timber frame with the UK quite a way behind at 22.8%.

If the timber industry built more new homes per year, this would mean tonnes of carbon dioxide being absorbed and stored per year. Timber absorbs and stores more co2 than it emits during its processing and installation stage. The Committee on Climate Change estimates that if timber were used to build 270,000 new homes, this could increase the amount of carbon stored in UK homes to 3Mt.

Besides storing carbon dioxide, timber also requires far less energy inputs than other construction materials, reduced transportation, and quicker build times with off-site construction and less waste than other methods of construction.

Below is a selection of Vision Development’s sites showing the waste reduction on site using timber frame.

Setting the path for a carbon-neutral Britain by 2050, timber will play one of the key parts in ensuring this is achieved. Not only assisting in improving our climate, but saving self-builders up to 30% due to its speed of construction, quality of build, decreased size of workforce and with larger new build developments across the country, the ability to bulk purchase, means a quicker exchange and move in process for home owners.

Vision Development is committed to helping self-builders and developers in the UK build superb energy efficient, speedy timber frame structures. We are continually researching new methods and products to improve and develop our already sophisticated timber frame systems. Moving with the times and branching into the modular timber frame market with some of the most advanced and pioneering systems that could see the housing crisis be a thing of the past.

Speak to us directly if you have plans for either a one-off build or development, we can offer both supply and install, supply only, full turnkey or a package suited to your requirements, we are very flexible. We can be contacted by phone on 0118 971 2181 or by email at info@vision-dsl.com.

Read more on the facts and figures of how the UK timber industry is tackling the housing crisis here on the Timber Trade Federation website – https://ttf.co.uk/how-the-timber-industries-can-help-solve-the-housing-crisis/

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