Our Clients opted to update their Tudor style cottage by replacing the existing roof over their home, including a dormer window and two new chimneys as well as a stunning rear extension which really modernises the property and provides a striking addition to the existing home.

To the right is a front view of the house with its original feature timber framing to give it the Tudor Cottage feel along with the new roof and dormer window.

Open Panel Extension in Sonning Common
Open Panel Extension in Sonning Common

To the rear of the property the Clients chose to really make their extension stand out with a white rendered finish and large contrasting grey windows and patio doors, whilst still incorporating the Tudor style with the angled windows to mirror the front of the house timber feature beams and feature brick work.

Open Panel Extension in Sonning Common

Above is another view of the rear extension where you can see the different styles of roof used which were all traditionally cut on site due to the complexity and another dormer window to mirror the front of the house. The large patio doors and windows will give lots of light into the property.

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