Solar power is a rapidly developing energy source in the UK and around the world which not only saves on electricity bills but also earns you money from the Feed in Tariff. Solar PV (Photovoltaics) also plays a key part in reducing the UK’s Carbon Footprint preventing tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

At our most recent project which we featured in a previous blog post (Super Eco Friendly Home in Oxfordshire) we wanted to include as many technologies as we could to ensure that the home was not only highly energy efficient, but also eco-friendly.

The solar panels we decided on installing on the flat Alwitra Ruberoid roof area provide the following benefits…

  • No Roof Penetration – eliminates possible leakage to building interior and any damage to the roofing material.
  • Light Weight Mounts – Loading of 11.25kg/m2 including PV panel, hence no structural strengthening is required.
  • Ease of Installation – The mounts onto which each of the panels are installed are manufactured almost as a complete unit and they interlock with each other meaning that the complete solar array forms one assembled block.
  • Protection from UV and Thermal Cycling – The total coverage of roof by the mounts and panels gives two advantages: the roof is protected from the most detrimental element of UV/thermal cycling and the thermal resistance of the roof is increased (hence reducing the energy required for heating/cooling of the building during winter and summer respectively).
  • 3.42kWp Capacity PV System – There is an energy output of 2758kWh annually which (depending on Feed in Tariff Application submission) could save the home owner anything up to £600 (with 12 x JA Solar modules installed). However, buyers must be aware that the new tariffs reduce every three months, so promptness is key! For further information on the Feed in Tariff please visit – Energy saving Trust.

On the right are some photos of the panels being fitted by our trusted supplier Current Generation.

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Ease of Solar Panel Installation

Due to the ease of installation the mounts and panels were assembled within 2 days.

Solar Panel Positioning

The 12 Solar Panels have been carefully placed in the direction in which they will receive the most exposure to sunlight to ensure maximum capacity is achieved.

Solar Panel Interlocking Mounts

Here is a side profile view of the solar panels, where you will see the modular mounts that are interlocked together and at a 10° title angle for assisting in achieving the maximum sunlight capacity.

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