Closed Panel Timber Frame is becoming increasingly more popular. It benefits from the Open Panel Timber Frame structure with addition of the following…

  1. Incorporation of openings for windows and doors
  2. Conduits can be fitted to your requirements within the service void
  3. Manufactured in a controlled factory environment
  4. Reduced site waste
  5. Better energy efficiency

For more information see our new information page on The Benefits of Closed Panel Timber Frame.


Reduced Site Waste from Closed Panels
Closed Panel Timber Frame Means Less Site Waste
Use Closed Panels to Minimise Site Waste


The closed panel timber frame system is a great addition to our open panel timber frame system which is already extremely versatile. The speed of construction reduces your project duration by several weeks and, with the modern construction techniques, will allow much lower U Values than previously achieved.

All our packages can be tailored to suit your requirements.  Vision Development is  happy to assist in the design of the package in order to meet your requirements, budget and the ‘U’ value you wish to achieve. To learn how our closed panel timber frames can help you get an energy efficient building quickly and cost effectively call us on 0118 971 2181, email us or use our Contact Form.

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