Timber Frame Assembly With CraneVision Development Berkshire Ltd have long produced beautiful homes using the following two systems…

We are now delighted to be building another home using the Closed Panel System which is being constructed in a quiet village in Oxfordshire where we have now assembled the structure using a huge 35 tonne crane. The whole assembly took as little as 5 days to erect and is a total of 1775 square feet in area.


Even at this still very early stage, the building already benefits from the following…

Window in Closed PanelWindows in place ready for external and internal finishes to be completed.

Roof Assembled & Weathered In

Roof assembled and weathered in (to prevent the outside elements entering the construction).

Internal Walls Ready for Plastering or Dry Lining

The internal walls ready for either dry lining or plastering before decorating commences.

Ready for Carpenters, Electricicians & Plumbers

Services, e.g. carpenters, electricians and plumbers now able to commence their 1st Fix

The property has been constructed so it is highly energy efficient.   In addition to the thermal efficiency of the closed panel timber frame there are a number of other energy saving features…

Solar Panels on Roof

The property will have Solar Panels installed on the roof which will provide the home with electricity and with the excess power that is produced, this will be used to assist in heating the hot water ensuring that the home is obtaining the maximum energy the solar panels can generate. Solar Panels not only reduce electricity bills, but also reduce your carbon footprint as it is green renewable energy and not omitting harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants.

Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery

MVHR System (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) will be installed in the coming weeks which will not only increase the homes energy efficiency, but also provide the following benefits…

  • Continuous supply of fresh air into the property which improves the air quality indoors
  • No build-up of air pollution in the home, e.g. from carpets and furniture
  • Humidity within the home will be controlled which keeps mould, fungus and dust mites under control
  • Kitchen smells and steam are quickly removed
  • Airborne allergies are reduced which is good news for asthma, allergy and hay fever sufferers.

Under floor Heating SystemThe whole of the ground floor will have underfloor heating which will allow the rooms to do away with bulky radiators and allow for more space and a clean modern finish. Underfloor heating is a more efficient way of heating a room as radiators rapidly heat the area in the immediate vicinity and then it slowly distributes to the rest of the room, whereas an underfloor system heats a larger surface area from the floor upwards at a lower temperature, meaning there is a more consistent temperature. As most of the ground floor will be tiled, this system is perfect for ensuring that the floor is warm and cosy, especially during the winter months.


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Rear View of Timber Frame HouseTimber Frame Commercial Building