Vision Development was commissioned, by a building contractor, to supply and erect a new Timber Frame home in the village of Headley Down in East Hampshire.  The manufacture took 9 days in all and the assembly took only 21 days, inclusive of the roof being cut and assembled on site.


Versa-Lam Beams
Telehandler Positioning Panels
The panels were manufactured, and insulation installed, within our factory and then taken to site ready for erecting.  Versa-Lam’s were used for supporting the structure and the picture on the left shows them being offloaded at the site.  We used a telehandler to position the panels in place (as shown in the picture on the right) ready for our teams to fix them securely together.


Ground Floor Internal Panels
Floor Joists
The picture on the left is a view of the ground floor internal panels before the first floor is assembled.  The picture on the right shows the floor joists in place, ready for the 1st floor panels to be erected.


Roof Trusses on Peel Clean Flooring
First Floor Walls & Pitch Roof
Our teams on site built the trusses for the roof whilst on site to assist with speed of completion (see the picture on the left).  You will also see that peel clean flooring has also been laid allowing for us to continue works on the house whilst ensuring the floor is protected at all times.   The picture on the right shows where the walls of the first floor are starting to be assembled also forming the pitch roof.


Rafters Over Versa Lam BeamsInternal Frames for En Suite Bathroom
Front Dormer WindowRear Dormer WindowInternal Frames & Dormer Window


Starting top left and progressing clockwise (round to bottom left) is a selection of images of the roof which shows how the rafters are bird mouthed over the Versa-Lam beams, the dormer windows to the front and back of the house and an inside out view from one of the windows with some of the internal timber frames on the 1st floor including an en-suite bathroom.


Front View of Timber Frame House
Rear View of Timber Frame House
Above are front and rear views of the completed timber frame house in East Hampshire.


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Timber Frame House Kit 08 Front ViewSelf Build Process