We have written several articles on our Closed Panel Timber frames which are becoming more popular because of their advantages…

  • Factory built with doors and windows
  • High levels of insulation for thermal efficiency
  • Conduits for services and outlets built in
  • Fermacell board included to allow cabinets to be directly mounted and to eliminate the need for plastering

Here are some diagrams showing the details of a closed timber frame panel along with a table explaining more about the components and features.


Closed Panel Timber Frame
Closed Panel Timber Frame
Closed Panel Timber Frame


Closed Panel Timber Frame
Closed Panel Electrical Outlet


1Multi-Layer InsulationInsulating Vapour Control Layer/ Expert 50Used for reducing air leakage and therefore, increasing air tightness and assisting in reducing U Value– Extremely robust construction – Reflective surface enhances performance of structure
2Vapour Control FoilV.C. FoilFor greater air tightness
3140mm CelotexInsulation Board/Rigid Boards/XR4000This single layer of insulation enables users to achieve lower U Values – reliable long term energy savings for buildings – Improved thermal insulation with cavity air spaces.
4Service Void Batten50mm x 50mm BattenThese provide a service void for the mechanical and electrical services.
5DPCDamp Proof CourseBarrier through the structure to prevent rising damp from the ground to the building.
6Fermacell BoardFermacell Gypsum FibreboardsOffering very high strength for fixing kitchens and other utilities directly to the board and eliminating the need for plastering.
7Conduit for electrical servicesService VoidHollow plastic piping is installed through the panels to allow for mechanical and electrical services.
8Outlet for electrical servicesElectrical socketThis is to allow for the services to exit the panel into the building.
9Breather MembraneProtect TF200Water protection membrane allowing the structure to breathe.
109mm OSBOSB3/Oriented Strand Board for structural rackingHard wearing, engineered wood based panel, ideal for humid structural applications.
1120mm VoidService VoidWith the help of the battens, this allows for a 22mm void for services to use to access the building.
12140mm StudStud work/TimberVertical columns at regular centres to provide the structural frame of the building.
Contemporary Timber Frame ExtensionTimber Frame House Kit 07 Front View