If you’re interested in building a passive house in Reading, partner with Vision Development and we will be there each step of the way to help, support and assist you in every way we can. The term ‘passive house’ refers to a home built to a rigorous standard of energy efficiency which, because of superior insulation properties, requires a much lower level of energy for heating than for a normal house. Thus, as we all attempt to reduce our environmental footprints, passive houses are ecologically friendly. Also, in a time of high energy prices, considerable savings result from energy efficiency.

Many components come together to form a passive house, including specific design, high efficiency insulation, energy efficient windows, ventilation, space heating, airtightness and energy efficient lighting.  Also alternative forms of energy such as solar power and heat pumps are generally required.

Timber frame is an ideal material to use as an external structure for your passive house. Timber frames are cost-effective, require little maintenance and can be erected quickly (having been manufactured in our factory).  Timber frames are very energy efficient having a high degree of thermal insulation.  When you build with timber frame you can reach a Sustainability Code level 6, making your home even more eco-friendly.

What is a Passive House?  Timber Frame for Passive Designs

  • A passive building is one built to the most energy efficient standards possible.
  • A passive house is considered an ultra-low energy home and requires little energy for heating.
  • Whatever type of passive design you have in mind, Vision Development can help you achieve it using a timber frame solution.
  • Timber frames are also more environmentally friendly than traditional building materials such as bricks and building blocks, so a passive house built using a timber frame is the ultimate in environmentally friendly.

If you would like more information about building a passive house or if you have any questions about the range of products and services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Discover why you should partner with Vision Development to build your timber frame passive house in Reading, Berkshire or the surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you.

Closed Panel Timber Frame System

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