Tilt and Turn windows open inwards in two ways…

  1. The traditional side hung (turn from the side)
  2. The ventilation opening (tilt from the top)

This is shown in the picture and in the video on the right. You move the handle up round 90° to open it inwards as a normal turn on its side hinges. You move the handle up round 180° to tilt in in from the top for ventilation.

It is also possible to incorporate micro ventilation. A ventilation restrictor can be added to enable to the position to be fixed after tilting.

In summer the windows can be locked open with curtains closed to keep the direct sunlight out helping to keep cool. The amount of air flow can be regulated easily allowing air into the property without a gale force blowing in.

Traditional open out windows can slam shut in windy conditions relying only on an open stay mechanism. This will not happen with Tilt and Turn windows.

Most people open windows to let in the fresh air in. This open out style is not secure and an obstacle when moving around the outside of the property. Tilt and’ Turn windows do the same job without the lack of security and safety issues.

Tilt and Turn Windows are easy to clean. There is no need for ladders for external cleaning as they can be turned inside for cleaning.

They are made from structural timber (in either hardwood or softwood) for extra strength. They have a high standard of double glazing insulation. The windows come in natural colours or can be powder coated to RAL Chart Colours.

We source our Tilt & Turn windows from Viking Windows. You can find more information on their website. There are some pictures of installed Tilt & Turn Windows below.

Tilt & Turn Windows


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