We have added a self build calculator to help you estimate the cost of a self build timber frame house.

This calculator allows you to specify the total floor size (across two floors of equal area) in either square metres or square feet.  It assumes a rectangular cross section with a ratio, between the longer and shorter sides, of 1.618 (the Golden Ratio).

As well as this you are required to input…

  1. The number of soakaways
  2. The length of foul water drainage
  3. The length of surface water drainage
  4. The area for the drive
  5. The area for patios and paths
  6. The insulation (U) value of the timber frame panels
  7. The type of roof tile
  8. The number of dormers
  9. The outside wall covering
  10. The number of fitted wardrobes
  11. The area of wall tiling
  12. The area of floor tiling
  13. The type of external doors and windows (wood, aluminium or combination)
  14. Whether or not a garage is required

There are also a number of fixed costs which we have estimated.

Please try out our calculator and give us some feedback.

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