Timber frame is a dry construction method where the frame acts as a superstructure supporting the building so there is no requirement for internal load bearing walls. Almost 25% of all new homes are built using the timber frame methods which can be categorised according to their style and appearance

Closed panel timber frame. Currently regarded as the norm for ‘timber frame’ construction closed panels are used for external walls made from 9 mm OSB board and a breather membrane, combined with internal open panels. Combines traditional finished look with the benefits of timber frame construction.  For more details visit our page Closed Panel Timber Frame System.

Open panel timber frame. During construction the open panel timber frame allows the installation of high performance insulation. All services can be fixed in the required position before the panels are lined internally with plasterboard. Moisture vapour barriers are then incorporated and the outer leaf of the wall completes the structure. The outer leaf is non-structural and can be made of brick, render or timber to suit planning requirements.  For more details visit our page Open Panel Timber Frame System.

There are more details on timber frame construction in our INFORMATION pages.

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