Case Study by our insulation provider, Actis

For some time now Vision has been using the Hybris insulation provided by Actis as opposed to the PIR insulation we were using previously. Our first experience with the Hybris Insulation was for a project we provided to our Client in Gloucester where we used the 105mm Hybris Insulation and H Control Vapour Control Layer for the roof. Alongside our closed panel timber frame with additional rigid insulation to the external face of the panels, the entire property achieved a U Value of 0.16.

Once we had spoken with Dan the Actis representative and confirmed the specification met with the standards required as well as relevant U Values we were able to use the insulation within our external wall panels. Compared to the previous rigid insulation board we were using, the Hybris was far easier to install, cutting down the time to install the insulation within the panels by half. There is also far less waste and mess. Rigid insulation boards when cut let out a lot of dust particles and over time it can pose a health hazard.

Due to the honeycomb structure of the Hybris and the ease of squashing it into awkward shapes allows for a complete covering ensuring air tightness as well as overcoming thermal bridging. With rigid boards they have to be cut to the exact size of the panels otherwise gaps can appear providing air leakage, this is a timely process which is eliminated when using Hybris.

Below are some photos of the Hybris installed within our timber frame panels.

This project was for two new build bungalows we have recently completed in Woking.

We have used TF200 Thermo breather membrane to the exterior face of the panels and Actis’ H Control has been supplied for the Client to install to the internal face of the external walls once services have completed their first fix, prior to plasterboard.

Actis have kindly completed a case study on Vision’s use of the Hybris over PIR insulation and give more information on the uses of the insulation as well as their other products available to purchase for many different applications. To read more please follow this link:

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