Vision Development is now using the Jackpad® System as foundations for some of our commercial timber frame buildings.  Jackpad® is able to support timber frame buildings (as well as other types of modular construction) without the need for expensive and disruptive groundworks.

The advantages of using the Jackpad® system as a foundation for a timber frame building are…

  • In most cases groundworks are not required saving time, cost and disruption
  • Installation of the Jackpad® system for a foundation will often take only a day and can take place in any weather conditions
  • The Jackpad® system is sustainable as it is made from 100% recycled materials
  • The Jackpad® system is height adjustable, the steel adjuster and incremental packers enable the system to overcome fall of ground across the base of the building
  • The Jackpad® system fully approved by LABC (Local Authority Building Control)

A number of Jackpads will be used to support a building.  Each Jackpad consists of three elements…

  • An adjuster which can be designed to suit any type of building
  • A Jackpad 400 support block to spread the load
  • One or more incremental packers to address fall in ground levels across the base

More details can be found at

The Jackpad® system is ideal for a range of timber frame construction solutions including…

  • School Classrooms
  • Garden Offices
  • Cricket Pavilions and Club Houses

Please contact us to discuss whether your building needs can be met with timber frame construction and the Jackpad® foundation system.

Jackpad Foundations for Timber Frame BuildingsJackpad Foundations for Timber Frame BuildingsJackpad Foundations for Timber Frame Buildings

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