[sc:box1]In addition to timber frame design, manufacture and installation, Vision Development of Berkshire offer a range of supporting products and services.  This means we can provide anything from timber frame supply and erect to a complete design and build solution for your new home.[sc:/box1][sc:half] [sc:box1]

Flooring & Roofing Solutions

For buildings of more than one storey we provide structurally engineered joists. If we use a Posi Metal Web design these are generally manufactured by us and can also be used for flat roofs. If the roof requires a truss roof design, these are supplied by our trusted partner.  We use open web metal joists (which we manufacture ourselves in our factory) and Caberdek flooring.  These provide strong waterproof flooring that will not creak.

We also manufacture and supply trussed rafters for very strong roofs.

For more information see flooring and roofing solutions.[sc:/box1][sc:half] [sc:box1]


Vision Development are proud to offer high quality windows to all our clients at affordable prices.  We offer both traditional timber windows and timber with aluminium cladding.  Our  windows offer the best u values and highest security details with quality furniture.

For more information see Windows.[sc:/box1][sc:half] [sc:box1]


Vision Development are in a position to be able to offer a comprehensive ground works service covering any project regardless of site complications which can very often arise.  Our selected ground works teams are extremely experienced and completely familiar with the requirements of timber frame homes and timber frame extensions.  The groundworks service includes foundations. flooring, drainage and utilities connections as required. Our groundworks service is dependent upon the location of your project in the UK.

Vision Development can also provide landscaping services as part of our supply and erect service as well as part of our complete design and build service, but again this is dependent upon where you are located in the UK.[sc:/box1]

[sc:box1]Open Web Joists Roof Trusses[sc:/box1]