Why build your new self-build home in timber?

At Vision, we understand that choosing the right building material for your new self-build home is a crucial decision. That’s why we want to provide you with accurate information about the timber frame systems Vision has to offer and their benefits.

It is common to hear the term ‘timber frame’ used to describe various types of timber construction works. However, it is important to recognise that there is a diverse range of products and systems available, each with it’s own unique advantages.

Lightweight timber frame using an open panel system including structural sawn timber products together with structural wood-based sheathing panels (e.g. OSB, plywood) to form an efficient and adaptable building system are the perfect match for residential and commercial low to mid-rise buildings. Vision offers this system which comes pre-insulated in our factory with an external reflective breather membrane to the external face

Vision Development - Why build your new self-build home in timber

First floor timber stud walls with prefabricated trusses to form the new roof structure.

Vision Development - Why build your new self-build home in timber

Vision diagram showing the build-up of an external timber frame panel including the insulations and membranes included.

Glue laminated timber is made from gluing layers of timber planks to create beams and columns of various sizes. This construction method is often used in long-span designs where it’s a great replacement for steel and concrete. Another feature of glue laminated timber (glulams as they’re also called) is that they can be fabricated into curved pieces that are used to create arched structures.

Vision Development - Why build your new self-build home in timber

Vision utilized glue laminated timber for a project that featured a curved roof design. The curved glue laminated timber beams worked cohesively with our lightweight timber frame panels to create this impressive structure.

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are the ‘sandwich’ panels incorporating structural facings, typically OSB and a insulating foam middle. Similar to lightweight timber frame panels, SIPs are manufactured in a factory controlled environment and offer a strong, energy-efficient timber construction method. Note: SIPs can be prone to moisture damage if left in wet weather conditions for long periods of time.

Vision Development - Why build your new self-build home in timber

SIP panels are created with a ‘sandwich’ style build-up not including for external membrane or vapour control layer.

All the above systems benefit from off-site construction in controlled factory environments which provides increased accuracy and quality.

Vision Development - Why build your new self-build home in timber

Vision Developments own timber frame manufacturing facility that offers extreme precision with every project we fabricate.

Further benefits of building with timber are shorter on-site build times and improved site working conditions with far less wastage. In simple terms you have a tidier, safer, and less disruptive working site which means you’ll be enjoying your new home sooner than you think!

You will find more information on the timber frame systems we offer by following the links below.

At Vision, we have had the pleasure of building timber frame structures for numerous self-build projects over the years. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail have earned us numerous 5* reviews from our satisfied clients which you can read on our testimonials page.

We firmly believe that timber frame structures offer a unique blend of beauty, durability, and sustainability that is unmatched by other building materials. If you’re considering a self-build home or other project, we invite you to discover the beauty and benefits of timber frame construction with Vision.

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You can read more on the benefits of timber frame along with a helpful FAQ’s page on ‘How To’ build with Timber Frame ‘on our website. We also have many 5* customer reviews which we urge potential customers to read through to gain insight into the quality of service and products we provide.

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