How to choose between closed panel and open panel for your timber frame project

So you’ve decided upon timber frame for your project, but now you are faced with choosing open panel or closed panel . Maybe you aren’t quite sure how to determine which will fit best. This is where we are here to help!

Essentially our open panel timber frame system includes insulation which is installed in our factory and is sheathed on the external side with oriented strand board (OSB), reflective breather membrane. It also includes a vapour control layer internally and battens ready to carry plasterboard. All our open panel timber frame systems also include the structural openings for windows & doors.

If you are considering a closed panel timber frame system then you may be attracted to the more sealed in option. Closed panel fundamentally takes our open panel timber frame and closes off the internal face of the panel with a plasterboard or similar.

The closed panel option has a range of finishes, all of which are fully finished within a controlled factory environment. Our closed panel system offers a fast construction process with reduced trades on site and one point of contact for a large chunk of your self-build project. In addition, the structural elements of your new home will be delivered to a set schedule so you know exactly when to programme in your follow-on trades.

Timber frame panels being delivered by Vision Development Berkshire

With both Vision’s open and closed panel timber frame systems, cost certainty is offered with fixed price quotations offered from the very early stages of your project so you know exactly how to budget for the remainder of your build.

Timber frame offers a cost-effective build option with excellent thermal performance that is a popular choice for self-builders, developers and construction companies.

You may find the following pages on our website of assistance when planning your timber frame project:-

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