Construction work on the self build timber frame houses in Reading, Berkshire has started.  The first stage is the groundworks.  This groundworks stage prepares for erecting the timber frame panels and covers the following activities…

  • Site clearance and levelling
  • Construction of the foundations
  • Construction of brick and block walls up to damp proof course (DPC) level
  • Connection of water and drainage utilities
  • Construction of the block and beam floor

Here are some pictures and explanations of the various processes and constructs involved.

Selb Build Timber Frame Building Site
Timber Frame Groundworks Digger
Timber Frame Groundworks Dumper
The levelling of the ground and excavations for the foundations not only requires a lot of digging but also creates a lot of surplus soil which has to be moved.

Timber Frame Foundation Trenches
Timber Frame Foundation Walls
The foundations are dug as deep trenches which are then filled with concrete.  The foundation walls (up to DPC level) are then built upon the concrete.

Timber Frame Foundation Inner& Outer Walls
Timber Frame Foundation Utilities Connection
The foundation walls are built up to DPC level.  The inner wall will support the timber frames and the outer wall will be built up as brick.  There is a hole for the water and drainage utilities connections.

Block & Beam Floor
Block & Beam Floor
The floor is constructed with concrete blocks and beams.  This gives a very strong floor.


Self Build Timber Frame House Cross SectionInternal Partitions & Roof Joists