Benefits of Timber Frame

Timber frame is a widely used form of construction with quality built in off-site and speed of build on-site.

Vision’s timber frame systems are extremely versatile. They can be added to any existing timber frame building with ease. The speed of construction can eliminate weeks from your project and the modern construction techniques will gain much higher ‘U’ values than have been achieved in the past.

Timber frame is an engineered, quality assured building method for which financing and mortgages are now readily available. Using the timber frame method a faster construction time is guaranteed and the costs that are usually associated with top quality homes dramatically reduced –  ‘faster, better, cheaper’!


Timber Frame Building is Faster

Speedy off-site manufacturing reduces the risk of delay due to bad weather and the reliance on individuals associated with on-site construction methods. The long drying out period associated with ‘wet’ construction is reduced considerably – houses can be completed in 16 to 20 weeks.


Timber Frame Building is Better

Thermally efficient. Timber frame construction achieves excellent insulation levels, meets the CfSH and comfortably exceeds current Building Regulation standards. It requires less energy and is therefore cheaper to run

Environmentally friendly. Timber from FSC-certified sources is carbon neutral and is a sustainable resource. It is by far the most eco-friendly construction method available.

Top drawer quality. All timber frame components are pre-fabricated off site in a controlled factory environment to ensure accurate construction. Quality and accuracy checks ensure defects are identified and remedied at the earliest opportunity before leaving the factory.

Versatility of design. Huge variety of designs from traditional to ultra contemporary are available. Timber frame lends itself well to spacious open plan design. Timber beams can be left exposed for special features and traditional character, as required. Bespoke U-values may be specified to suit your own usage.


Timber Frame Building is Cheaper

Easy and accurate project budgeting. Factory fabrication enables costs to be controlled and fixed which in turn permits fixed prices – no surprises or ‘hidden extras’ as the construction progresses.

Lower maintenance. House builders typically report a 75% saving on call back costs on timber frame projects

Cost reduction. Faster build eases cash flow at time of build, energy performance ensures lower heating costs for years to come.

Waste reduction. As a result of modern manufacturing methods.

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