Benefits of Closed Panel Timber Frame

Closed Panel Timber Frame is becoming increasingly more popular due to its modern method of construction. It benefits from the Open Panel Timber Frame structure with addition of the following…


1. Incorporation of openings for windows and doors

The windows and doors themselves can also be pre-fitted into the panels in a controlled factory environment should this be required by the Client. This reduces the amount of labour time on site as less trades will be required and also shortens the overall build programme which in turn reduces the overall build cost.

The pictures below are some examples of our closed panels with their windows and doors pre-fitted.

Closed Panel Being Installed
Closed Panel Lifted in Place by Crane


2. Conduits can be fitted to your requirements within the service void

The service void within the panels provides convenient access for the plumber and electrician to carry out their 1st fix which will also reduce their time on site and their costs. Not only this, but the service void also provides improved thermal performance to the panels.

On the right is a diagram of a very popular closed panel design where you will see the service void and an additional 50mm Celotex insulation reducing cold bridging.

Closed Panel with U Value 0.13


3. Manufactured in a controlled factory environment

Which ensures that every element of the panels are quality controlled and of the highest standard. The vapour control foil, breather membrane, insulation and high performance fibre board are all installed into the timber frame within the factory before they are wrapped in protective plastic and loaded onto a lorry for delivery to site. They provide Client’s with a completely water and wind proof structure which is ready for external and internal finishes.

Below is a photo of our factory in which we manufacture closed panels as the above and also you will see closed panels loaded onto a lorry for delivery to site…

Timber Frame Panel Factory
Closed Panels Ready for Delivery


4. Reduced site waste

Due to the panels being completely manufactured within a factory environment, this reduces the amount of waste on site considerably. Timber is a completely renewable resource which is completely organic and also non-toxic, so if any waste timber is on site, this can be used for burning for energy or recycled for use as another product.

Here are some photos of one of our sites and as you can see, little to no waste left on site following the assembly of the closed panels along with how our closed panels look once erected…

Reduced Site Waste from Closed Panels
Closed Panel Timber Frame Means Less Site Waste
Use Closed Panels to Minimise Site Waste


5. Better energy efficiency

Because the closed panels are manufactured within a controlled factory environment, this ensures that they are built to very high standards of thermal insulation and air tightness. The insulation that is fitted to the panels enables the structure to achieve lower u-values and also long term energy savings for the whole building. There is also a vapour control layer fitted for greater air tightness and once the panels are assembled on site an additional sealant is used to assist with ensuring a greater air tightness.

Closed Panel Internal View
Closed Panels are Energy Efficient


Vision Development believe that the closed panel timber frame system is a great addition to open panel timber frame which is already extremely versatile. The speed of construction eliminates weeks from your project and with the modern construction techniques will gain much lower U Values than previously achieved.

All our packages can be tailored to suit your requirements and we are happy to assist in the design of the package in order to meet your requirements, budget and the ‘U’ value you wish to achieve.  To learn how our closed panel timber frames can help you get an energy efficient building quickly and cost effectively call us on 0118 971 2181, email us or use our Contact Form.